American Diabetes Month® Share Your Vision to Stop Diabetes® Video Contest

Why do you want to Stop Diabetes®? Let us know and you could win an Apple® iPad®. How?

  1. Create a 30-second video to show your commitment to changing the future of diabetes. Be sure to use your hand as a symbol of the movement.
  2. Visit the Share Your Story section.
  3. Click "Start Exploring."
  4. Click "Submit Your Story."
  5. Follow the directions to submit your video.

Want some ideas? Check out these videos created by members of the American Diabetes Association staff.

Need more ideas? Watch these samples made available by VSP® Vision Care.

Once the video submissions are complete, the public will be able to vote for the most compelling video. The top 3 finalists will receive an Apple iPad and the winner will be a part of the next Stop Diabetes public service announcement.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to December 10, 2010. For more information, see complete rules and regulations.

Video Submission Tips:

  • Please keep your video to 30 seconds. If you video is over 30 seconds, this will affect your score when judging.
  • Each video will be judged based on the incorporation of the "stop" hand symbol as well as incorporating one's passion and commitment to the Stop Diabetes movement.
  • Be creative and keep your video energized, but don't forget to relay the seriousness and urgency of the Stop Diabetes movement. (We know this is a balancing act!)
  • Please refrain from using the American Diabetes Association® or Stop Diabetes logo. Also, stay away from using any background music unless you have the rights to play it.
  • Make sure you have received permission from anyone who appears in the video. If a minor appears in the video, please be sure to receive parent/guardian permission.
  • If you'd like, use the latest diabetes statistics in your video. If the statistics in your video are not current, this will hinder your overall score when judging.
  • All videos should be in good taste and not contain profanity or other material that would offend your mother. Remember, she's probably going to see it.
  • Video specs include:
    • Preferred files: MPEG-2, .MPEG-4, or H.264
    • Aspect Ratio: native aspect ratio without letterboxing (examples 4:3, 16:9)
    • Resolution: 640x360 (16:9) or 480x360 (4:3) recommended
    • Audio Format: MP3 or AAC preferred
    • Frames per second: 30
    • Maximum file size: 1GB
VSP® Vision Care wants you to see well and stay healthy.

The company is a National Strategic Partner of the American Diabetes Association and supporter of the Stop Diabetes movement.