Sponsors of the Stop Diabetes Movement

Changing the future of diabetes is in our hands. How will you help Stop Diabetes? One way is to support those corporations that are supporting the diabetes diabetes community. The following companies, in addition to providing financial support, are helping to raise awareness by featuring key messages about the stop diabetes movement in their internal and external communications. So choose to help Stop Diabetes by supporting the companies that support the American Diabetes Association!

To support the Stop Diabetes movement, Catherines holds a "Round Up to Stop Diabetes" fundraising campaign. Shoppers at all Catherines' stores are encouraged to help in the fight against diabetes by rounding up the total amount of their purchase to the next dollar. 100% of the proceeds benefit the American Diabetes Association in support of the movement to Stop Diabetes.

The company also supports Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes by encouraging associates and customers to sign up for their local events and raise money for the Association.

Catherines is a chain of specialty fashion stores for plus size women - to find the nearest store, visit catherines.com.

Colgate Total
As a supporter of the Stop Diabetes movement, Colgate Total is working with the Association to create more awareness about the connection between oral health and diabetes because research has shown that those living with diabetes are at higher risk of developing gun disease. By sponsoring community events like Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, Diabetes EXPOs, Ferias, Project Powers as well as the Oral Health & Hygiene section on diabetes.org, Colgate Total is helping Americans everywhere live a healthier lifestyle one smile at a time.

To learn more, visit colgate.com/diabetes

Sonus provides a wide variety of hearing aid solutions and is one of the newest companies to Join the Millions? in the fight to Stop Diabetes®. The anchor of the relationship is the development and distribution of online and printed educational resources targeting seniors. Download your copy of the Living Healthy with Diabetes Guide to help assist you or your loved one in dealing with broad health issues, including hearing impairment. In addition, the company supports EXPO and Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes at the community level.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Janssen Pharmaceuticals is supporting the movement to Stop Diabetes through its support of American Diabetes Association Alert Day®, an annual program which asks the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test for type 2 diabetes. Additionally the company is supporting CheckUp America, a prevention program designed to help people lower their risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Lubriderm has joined the Stop Diabetes® movement by launching a cause marketing promotion featuring its moisturizing products formulated to support healthy skin care. They will also help to create awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the connection between healthy skin care and diabetes, because research has shown that those living with diabetes are at higher risk of developing skin complications. In addition, Lubriderm will support Stop Diabetes® by distributing skin care educational material through the Association's Center for Information and Community Support. To learn more about Lubriderm visit Lubriderm.com.

Since 2009, Nutrisystem®D® has supported the Stop Diabetes movement and raised over $425,000 to support the fight against this devastating disease. Nutrisystem®D® also helps the Association spread the word about the movement by promoting Stop Diabetes in its magazine advertisements. In addition, Nutrisystem supports our premier walk event, Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes by helping to recruit walkers in communities across the country while participating in their local Philadelphia walk event.

Visit Nutrisystem D for more information.

Rite Aid
Rite Aid Pharmacies raise funds to help in the fight against diabetes by selling Stop Diabetes Pin-Ups for a $1.00 donation that goes directly to support the Association. These Pin-Ups also include $7 worth of coupons to help you save money as you shop. Rite Aid also provides a free educational booklet, "Diabetes Health Take Control", both in English and Spanish, to help you better understand diabetes while offering some everyday solutions and tools for managing you and your family's health.

In addition, Rite Aid Pharmacists support the diabetes community by sponsoring Ask the Pharmacist, part of our Ask the Expert series on diabetes.org. They also distribute diabetes educational materials in all their stores throughout the year.

Stop by your local Rite Aid to learn more about diabetes.

As a supporter of the Stop Diabetes® movement, MetLife is working with the Association to offer Association members a special discount on automobile insurance, while helping to spread the word about diabetes through a campaign that reaches over 1 million people annually. MetLife also highlights Stop Diabetes® in its MetLife, Your Life consumer magazine and encourages a healthy lifestyle by promoting Association’s Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes events.

To learn more about MetLife and its support of the Association, visit this link.

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