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What does it take to stop diabetes? You!

This is your chance to tell the world why you want to stop diabetes, once and for all.

To stop it from stealing moments, hours, and days from millions of people affected by diabetes.

To stop the anxiety, fear, and heartache it causes every day.

To stop the blindness and amputations.

To stop discrimination against people with diabetes. And to stop it from haunting our children's future—and stealing our loved ones all too soon.

To Stop Diabetes.

To start this movement, we need your help. Why do you want to stop diabetes? What are you doing to stop diabetes right now?

Let us know. Your story could be featured on the web, used in promotional materials, or published in a future issue of the e-newsletter.

Your story may inspire thousands of others to get involved to help stop diabetes!

Through March 31, 2010, when you Share Your Story, Nutrisystem D will donate $5.00 to the Association for each story posted - up to $100,000. Visit Nutrisystem D for more information

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