Order of the Amaranth

Order of the Amaranth

Whether it's through baking and selling cookies, distributing and collecting change jars or orchestrating large events, like golf tournaments, the members of the Order of the Amaranth mean to "Stop Diabetes" forever.

An international Masonic-affiliated organization, the Order of the Amaranth currently focuses their attention on raising money to fight diabetes by supporting much-needed research. Amaranth members have worked hard in their local communities to dedicate dollars to the American Diabetes Association's Research Foundation.

With the help of their 300,000 members, the Amaranth has been able to cumulatively raise nearly $11 million for diabetes research in the past seven years. These gifts are directed toward studies focusing on prevention techniques, easing complications and finding a cure. Amaranth members' grass-roots fund-raising shows what an amazing impact individuals can have when brought together with others. Every penny earned can make a difference.

Order of the Amaranth members began supporting the Association well before diabetes awareness was on the rise. It is a truly a heartfelt mission these dedicated individuals have! Friends and family members of the Amaranth have passed away because of diabetes, in addition to many Amaranth members themselves. Amaranth members contribute to this movement to "Stop Diabetes" so no one must struggle with this powerful illness ever again.

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