Noah Brokmeier

Noah Brokmeier

Noah is The Diabetes Dude! The energetic 9 year old mastermind behind the Flamingo Flock Diabetes campaign. Noah was diagnosed with type 1 in 2007. His diagnosis was a shock to the entire family. The funny little character that was Noah had become sick with a disease that has no cure, and not enough people that understand fully what he deals with each day. Noah knew he had to do something to help his friends, his family, and anyone that would listen, to understand what diabetes is all about. He has learned to talk to peers, to adults, to groups of professionals about what diabetes is, what it does, and what everyone that shares his illness dreams of, a cure.

He lives by his own personal motto: He has diabetes; diabetes does not have him. Noah believes fully that one day he and others will be able to Stop Diabetes! He knows that each flamingo that is requested by someone across the globe is one more person that wants to Stop Diabetes!

More about Noah:

The Diabetes Dude has created a team for Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes, where he is raising important funds for diabetes research, education and advocacy efforts. For more info on The Diabetes Dude and the Flamingo flock, please visit Noah at his website,

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