Lisa Coleman

Lisa Coleman

I've seen the frustrations of managing this disease, members as far back as my grandparents struggling with health issues. The death of my husband and the years taken from us due to complications of diabetes. My mother. Sister. Niece. And now myself. Living our lives on a personal "roller coaster" of ups and downs. Never stopping. Always moving.

It's time to stop this ride and get off. It's time to stop the worried looks on my family’s faces when one of us go into the hospital with high and uncontrollable levels, even when we are doing everything right.

Not to mention how you have to struggle over whether you can afford the medications that seem to be constantly going up in cost. There are those having a hard time with insurance dropping or denying coverage even today. These are concerns for all who know someone with diabetes.

IT'S TIME TO STOP DIABETES NOW!!! It time for us to get up off the "poor me" couch and fight for ourselves and say "NO MORE." It's time to break the chains of this hidden enemy that destroys and take those loved ones away too soon.

The campaign starts with us, telling our stories; putting a face on our stories. This campaign is great way to start. Thank you for this opportunity to place my face and story as one of many wanting a cure for this disease.

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