Robyn Webb

Robyn Webb


Because of the debilitating effects diabetes has taken on the lives of my own family members, many years ago I decided to specialize in diabetes education and awareness as both a nutritionist and culinary instructor. My goal: to be out of the business!

That sounds strange, but my purpose is to get people so aware and informed about their diabetes that one day, we'll have enough tools to finally end diabetes. I want to stop diabetes so that future generations will not have to:

  • endure the pain of needles
  • constantly monitor their blood sugar levels
  • run the high risk of other ailments such as heart disease, stroke, blindness
  • miss out in anything in life because they are not feeling well due to diabetes complications

Yes, one day I will be out of business; and that's a sign I look forward to hanging on my door one day in the near future.

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