Nancy S. Hughes

Nancy S. Hughes


I have written a lot...a whole lot...and happy to say that I have had 12 cookbooks that are nationally published plus worked on over 50 additional cookbooks with various health organizations and food corporations throughout the United States and Canada. I'd like to think that I understand what the majority of people want (with or without diabetes)...meals that are simple to fix, pop with flavor, and, at the same time, have familiar flavors.

When my first book with the American Diabetes Association was about to be published, my editor said, "Nancy, if you can get one point across, this is it: It is normal food, EVERYONE should eat this way!"

And it's true! I tell people to concentrate on what they CAN have, not what they can't have and keep the good stuff handy. Stock up stock up, stock up...if you have the good stuff on hand you'll eat it, if you don't-you'll grab whatever there is. So, in with the good, out with the bad, and keep it that way, it's actually very easy. No more worries about what to avoid, because it isn't there to tempt you!! Make sure you have fun foods, too, like fresh berries in a bowl when you open the fridge, or homemade popsicles with your favorite fruit juice mixed with diet lemon lime soda, and munchies like a multigrain cereal trail mix in individual bags for a quick snack. Keep the standbys around, of course, such as frozen chicken breasts, bottled spaghetti sauce, whole grain pastas and frozen veggies so you can fall back on them when you need a quick-fix meal.

So shop, stock and simplify, then get on with life...and have fun while you're at it!


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