Tonya Dibble

Tonya Dibble

Fairfield, Ohio

I want to STOP diabetes because I want my daughter to no longer suffer from type 1 diabetes. I want my daughter to live longer than me.

Do you know what it's like waking up EVERY morning (for 15 years) and the first thing you do before coffee, before you dress, before you do ANYTHING else is make sure my daughter is alive?

I have never seen anyone have a seizure before I saw my daughter have her first at age 5 due to low blood sugar. I know that having a low blood sugar attack can KILL more easily than a high and if I had not been there "she would have died." Yes DIED.

When she had her LAST low blood sugar seizure 3 years ago I was awaken at 5 am by a loud thump. My daughter had fallen out of her bed because her body was shaking uncontrollably from her seizure. Once again I was there to administer her emergency glucagon shot. Now every day I wonder if she will EVER be able to live alone. Who will save her life if she is ever alone during another attack?

My daughter is 19 and has had insulin dependent diabetes since she was 4 years old. She now suffers from Ketoacidosis (high blood sugars) at least once a month. During these episodes she vomits uncontrollably as much as 50 times in one day. Then her throat is so soar she cannot possibly keep any food down.

My wish before I die is to find a cure for her so that I can have peace. I will give her my pancreas if that will cure her.

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