Steve Thurner

Steve Thurner

San Diego, California

Managing my disease is something that recently has slipped away from me. When I was first diagnosed in 2005, I was vigilant with my drugs, my diet and my exercise. As a matter of fact, being diagnosed was fantastic as it took me on a journey to help me lose 60 pounds, make me feel normal to the point I started dating and then meet my true love.

As I was dating and then courting my diet and exercise took a back seat. I didn't see much effect and I was still staying away from very sugary foods. My weight crept back up. My A1C numbers grew. My exercise completely stopped.

In May, I was at one of my many doctor appointments. He had taken note that my numbers were creeping up. He told me that I needed to start exercising and get my numbers down or our only choice at the next meeting would be to add more medication. Well I take 5 pills and 2 injections daily for my diabetes and "MORE" was not what I wanted.

So I signed up for my third year for Step Out and the economy tanked. I knew to raise money this year I would need something different. Something that would make those who have not been touched by diabetes, feel like they were getting something for their money.

This idea ran around in my head. What if I committed to ride in the Tour de Cure and the level that I would ride would be determined by the donations to Step Out? Would I do it? Would I be excited about it? Would it draw people in? I already knew that I wanted to participate in the Tour so I made the commitment to ride based on the funds my team and I raised for Step Out.

The final funds raised for Step Out were $2643 dollars, committing me to the 100 mile route on the Tour de Cure! On April 17th I completed my first Century ride in the Tour de Cure Cardiff. I have lost 30 pounds and reduced my A1C to 5.6% during the process. It was truly the ride of my life! Now I have joined the planning committee for Step Out in San Diego and plan to be more involved with the Tour de Cure next year!

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