J. Anthony Brown

J. Anthony Brown

Comedian & Radio Personality

I'm J. Anthony Brown, and I've lived with diabetes every day for the last 10 years. When I was diagnosed, I knew I had to find a way to continue to live a happy, healthy life that includes lots of fun, travel and excitement as a comedian, radio personality, business owner and actor.

The key to managing my diabetes daily is to follow three basic steps that are responsible for keeping me alive and active. I don't think anyone with diabetes or any other disease can do the right things – only eating the proper foods, getting the proper amount of exercise and rest – 100% of the time, and I'd be lying if I said that I did. But, what I do follow 99% of the time is these three steps:

  1. I take my diabetes medication
  2. I check my blood sugar and
  3. I take my blood pressure every single day.

I'm blessed to have a job that allows me to reach millions daily on morning radio and I feel a big responsibility to our mostly African-American audience. We suffer from diabetes disproportionately and I have personally witnessed how the disease can quickly become deadly when people aren't properly educated about how to manage it.

Sometimes we can get bogged down with too much information, but I can almost guarantee that if you follow my easy 3-step program, you'll be happier and healthier.

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