Doug Biere

Doug Biere

Urbandale, Iowa

My name is Doug Biere and I am 45 years old. It's been seven years since my diagnosis. I am a type 2 diabetic. Prior to a company provided health screening, I had suspicions that something was up with my body. I had many of the symptoms diabetics have in the beginning stages. A follow up visit with my family doctor confirmed my suspicions.

At first I was able to control by blood glucose numbers with diet and exercise. This evolved to require oral medication and then to daily insulin plus oral medication.

Exercise remains an important part of my regimen. I am now running 5k races, something I never imagined I would be doing prior to my diagnosis.

Diabetes is an awful disease. The progressive nature of this disease makes it even more difficult to deal with. I am hoping and praying there will be a cure in my lifetime. No one should have to live with this disease and I certainly don't want my children to deal with it either. I also wish for people to educate themselves to prevent early onset of diabetes. Education is a key factor in battling this epidemic.

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