Bob Greene

Bob Greene

Exercise Physiologist

I want to Stop Diabetes because I see how the disease affects the people around me—everyday. Two things motivated me to get involved. Both of my parents have had type 2 diabetes for quite some time, and I also noticed more recently that 1 in 4 of my clients have either diabetes or pre-diabetes. Some even have children with the disease. I often see the difficulties people have in managing their diabetes and I want to help address the importance of vigilance for people with diabetes.

The challenge with diabetes is that it changes your life and how you live your life. I tell my clients with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels, which seems obvious, but I find that many people don’t keep control of or monitor their blood glucose. Learning more about blood glucose levels helps show people how foods and exercise impact their body.

Current trends indicate that 1 in 3 children born today will have diabetes at some point in their life. Being a new father relatively late in life makes me value the life of each child that much more. Stopping diabetes sooner rather than later is of the utmost importance. I am working hard to help stop the spread of diabetes.

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