Bill and John MacBride

Bill MacBride

Vice President

Horsham, Pennsylvania

I want to Stop Diabetes before diabetes stops anyone from believing that they can live their dream – any dream.

When my son, Jonathan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five years ago and like many parents, we thought that he wouldn’t be able to do the same things as other children. We thought that diabetes would forever change his life. Today, after learning about living with diabetes from our doctor and from the American Diabetes Association, we know that with proper management, diabetes doesn’t have to stop him or anyone.

In my work at Nutrisystem, managing the contact center supporting the Nutrisystem® D program, we hear from thousands of people every month who want to lose weight and have type 2 diabetes, many of whom are struggling to manage their disease. When they learn that by changing their diet and following a program like ours, they are able to lose weight and take control of their diabetes, it is a life changing, and life saving, moment. Sure, there are serious consequences for diabetes if the disease is left unmanaged and unchecked. But the more people that we can reach and teach that diabetes doesn’t have to control their lives, the more hopes and dreams can be realized.

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