Cade Lott

Cade Lott

McAlester, Oklahoma

My name is Cade. I am in third grade. I have had type 1 diabetes for 1 year.

I have to prick my finger about 8 times a day to check my sugar level and I have to take 4 shots of insulin every day.

Since last October, I have taken about 850 shots and have had to stick my finger almost 2,000 times.

I have to plan my meals and count the carbs so I know how much insulin to take. If I take too much insulin and my blood sugar gets too low, I feel bad. My legs sometimes feel heavy, my body feels weak and I feel really tired.

If it gets really low, I will pass out. I keep an emergency shot with me all the time that will bring my blood sugar up fast.

If I don't keep my blood sugar under control when I get older I will have lots of health problems. I can lose my eye sight, get infections, lose my toes, feet or legs and can have kidney failure.

Diabetes is a bad disease and I hate it. I hope that one day they can find a cure so I won't have to prick my finger or take shots every day.

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