Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones

Falls Church, Virginia

One of my core beliefs about life is that everyone has a story to tell. And with that story, it could be used to touch, move and inspire others to improvise, overcome and adapt to any problems or situations that may come into their lives.

It's rather ironic, but my story about becoming diabetic has become a success story. You see, before I found out I was diabetic; I lived my life according to what I call the 11th Commandment, "Thou shalt not get caught."

But since April 2006, I have cleaned up my act in so many ways:

  1. I enjoy working out and exercising.
  2. I quit drinking, except when I have an occasional glass of red wine to celebrate a special event.
  3. I eat a lot healthier than I ever did before.
  4. I am better able to understand the difference between the significant and the sensational things about life.
  5. I save a lot of money on foods and beverages that I just don't consume anymore.
  6. I get even more joy, satisfaction and comfort about telling people my story and thus helping them to overcome what may be ailing them.
  7. I am more aware of what makes my body tick and to discern any warning signs.

I have always stated that I tend to go through things in life to help others down the road. No one should have to go through what I did. That is why I am telling this story.

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