Jeff Caballero

Jeff Caballero, MPH

Oakland, California

In the many years I’ve served and supported the American Diabetes Association and the National Diabetes Education Program, I’ve become keenly aware of the risks that come with diabetes as well as the simple steps to reduce them. Yet every day brings a new battle of mind and body to make the best choices for my health and to stay focused on winning the fight to stop diabetes.

As a decades-long public health advocate and the Executive Director of the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO), I want to stop diabetes.

As a member of the Asian American & Pacific Islander community — in which diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death, I want to stop diabetes.

As the son of a diabetic father and nephew of an aunt who underwent regular dialysis treatments, I want to stop diabetes.

As an individual at higher risk of getting diabetes due to my obesity and family history, I want to stop diabetes.

And as the proud father of two wonderful young daughters whom I want see grow and thrive, I am determined to stop diabetes.

The days I win this battle, I know it’s because I’ve focused on the healthy future I can have with my wife and children. And when I falter on other days — and those days certain do happen — it’s because I’ve temporarily lost focus on what matters most. Still, I need only to think of my many colleagues, the community I serve and the people I love to start my efforts anew. I take on this battle one day at a time.

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