R. Paul Robertson

R. Paul Robertson, MD

President, Medicine & Science
American Diabetes Association

Seattle, Washington

Why do I want to stop diabetes? One may as well ask why I want to stop a bully, a thief, a man slaughterer or a killer. Diabetes is all of these.

It is a bully because it makes life unbearable for innocent victims who are defenseless.

It is a thief because it robs previously healthy people of the freedom of worry about health issues, the freedom to eat and drink normally, and the freedom to watch one’s child grow into a 100% healthy adult.

It perpetrates manslaughter by causing conditions that necessitate amputations, laser treatment to prevent blindness, countless hours of dialysis for kidney failure, and risky, expensive surgery for heart disease.

It is a killer because it takes a devastating toll on people with diabetes by causing very compromised living leading often to premature death.

Why would I NOT want to stop diabetes? Why doesn’t everyone want to stop diabetes? What are we waiting for?

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