Denise Konovich

Denise Konovich

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My beautiful vivacious six year old son who has not asked for this for diabetes as a hurdle in his life was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

I am not a real religious person but, I believe I do have tremendous faith in God and that everything in life happens for a reason......I have made a promise to myself and my son that I will join every cause, get involved in research study to have a cure for him some day.

It's funny because, he tells me and everyone he meets, that there will be a ""core" someday. Core. Of course he means cure but, I think the irony of it is, that every inch of my inner core will do everything in my power as long as I live to protect my son and help the American Diabetes Association with causes that help fund research to find a cure.

Had I had a crystal ball to see what the future held for my son, I would have gotten involved sooner and I urge anyone that may have little children to get involved because, the statistics are 1 out of every 400 to 600 children has type 1 diabetes. Had I known this stat, I would have done something sooner to help STOP Diabetes.

I walked in the Association’s Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes along with my son and family at the Pittsburgh zoo in September. I will help STOP diabetes one day at a time. This walk is a good start.

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